Our Goal to be leader of welding mesh and fabricated steel in Egypt and Middle East

Offering A Unique Pattern Inside Egyptian, Arabian & African markets

Our company has been in the business of processing wire since 2015. We are a medium-sized, privately managed company with a staff of about 17 employees who process more than 1,000 tons of wire per year in our 900m² in Sharkya governorate and Six of October City.
Manufacturing a high-quality welding mesh by using recent technology machines.
Manufacturing and installing high-quality fabricated steel.
Keep the quality up with the international steel market.
A quick production process to deliver orders very quickly.
A highly competitive prices and services in the market.
Providing an additional value for our customers products.

Standard Mesh Panels

Smooth, drawn steel or stainless steel wires are used to produce welded wire mesh. They are permanently and rigidly joined at the crossover points at precise right angles by means of electrical resistance spot welding.

These fixed nodes give the wire mesh its extraordinarily high stability and proven inherent stiffness. The large number of weld points results in a uniform distribution of forces. Depending on the mesh size and wire diameter, practically any desired wire mesh can be produced in fixed dimensions of up to about 6.0 x 2.3 m (20 x 7.5 feet). Nevertheless, typical combinations of mesh sizes and wire diameters have become “Standards”

Our range of warehouse stock Standards Mesh offers best solutions for a lot of different application. All standard panels are designed with open edges (over-hangs); different panel sizes minimalize your clippings. Delivery is 100% based on your need – we ship bundles of pallets as well as single items.

All our steel blank panels out of our Standard Mesh stock are are suitable for further hot-dip and/or cold-dip galvanization; of course we additionally offer this service directly at first hand.